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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are very small text files that your web browser stores on your computer, phone, or other device you use to access websites. These files help Sir Stratalot improve the website experience. Cookies & You offers a good and simple explanation of cookies if you’d like to know more.

What do you use cookies for?

Sir Stratalot uses two kinds of cookies, for different reasons:

Cookies necessary for site functionality. We use cookies that enable us to figure out if you’re an authenticated user, i.e., currently signed in. This is essential for the site to work as intended.

Third party cookies that help us make the site better over time. We use cookies to understand how people use the website, and therefore what can be improved. Google Analytics cookies fall into this category.

What specific cookies does Sir Stratalot use on this site?

Sir Stratalot. sirstratalot_session, sirstratalot_session.sig
These cookies tell us if you’re signed in. If you are, it lets you do things like submit, upvote, and report links during your visit. If you are not, it makes sure you can’t. This cookie expires after 180 days by default.

Necessary third party cookies.
Some cookies are for necessary site services: serves up the cookie notification and opt-in if you’re in the EU, and makes sure Google Analytics doesn’t run if you don’t accept. Other services deliver necessary assets:,,, and

Google Analytics. collect, _ga, _gid, _gat_UA-somethingsomething
Third party cookies that Google Analytics uses to anonymously track website usage. These cookies can last as long as two years. If you like, you can learn more about how Google Analytics uses cookies.

What if I don’t want to use cookies?

That is an option! You can disable cookies.

But please note that if you disable cookies, Sir Stratalot may not work as intended. In particular, you will not be able to sign in or use any functionality designed for users who are signed in.