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Dan Carlton
PlannerU ( is an online-only, self-paced school for Account Planners and Brand Strategists. It's designed to demystify strategic planning by providing specific and actionable tools, not just theory, opinions and well-worn case studies.
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Dig Ethnography Repository

Dig is an ethnography company that publishes their work to their vimeo page. They have a ton of topics like: -Gap between portrayals and reality -Hispanics and Technology, embracing two cultures -Practical affluence -Investing & the gender gap - mistrust of financial companies -Dual income households are the norm for millennial parents -Millenial women: Tradeoffs and empowerment
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  • Please steal these 42 useful random questions about planning advertising...
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Please steal these 42 useful random questions about planning advertising...

Shane O'Leary
42 questions to get you unstuck when coming up with advertising briefs. Everything from 'What questions would we love to ask our audience if we met them in person in a coffee shop?' to 'Can you create an experiment to prove this is the right route?'.
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Covers the making and selling of video games, across all platforms. Great resource into what's happening in games, esports, regulation, etc.
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